3 New Vino2Go Colors Are Here!


Are you ready for 3 brand new colors? We just excitedly opened up the boxes and think these might be the best colors yet! For your enjoyment we are proud to bring you:

Vino2Go - New Colors: Perky Purple, Sky Blue, Mellow Yellow

  1. Perky Purple – Consistently requested and often associated with royalty Perky Purple is a popular college color. Now you and your besties can have a blast tailgating or partying on a Girls Night Out.
  2. Sky Blue –  Whether you’re pre-gaming at that University down the street, out on a vino picnic or having that homey evening by the fire, this color is sure to excite your senses yet instill a sense of relaxed fun.
  3. Mellow Yellow – It’s a vivid, bright and stimulating power color, perfect for a creative yet quiet night inside or a full on soiree.

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