Final view of Stand Up Stapler

The initial idea of our unique utility strength stand up stapler came when I visited a neighborhood yard sale. I found a “hand vice stapler”, commonly used in industrial settings, dry cleaners etc. The interesting thing about them to me was the hinge location.

Explaining the utility hand vice mechanism

A normal stapler has a hinge at the furthest end from the staple mechanism, while the hand vice staplers hinge is more centered. We based our concept around this in an effort to make our stapler unique and meet higher strength requirements than others.

3D rendering of Stand Up Stapler


While using state of the art 3D modeling and rendering tools, we prepared a high standard photo realistic concept rendering for our sales pitch. This gave our client a very good idea of how the product would look like several months ahead as a finished product.

Final Prototypes

After one month of development and five rounds of prototype revisions, we felt that we finally had a stapler design that both we and our clients were happy with.

Factory assembly line

Picture from our factory assembly line in Dongguan City, Southern China.