Custom Laser Cut & Engraved Name Badges on a Lanyard

Laser Engraving – Wooden Name Badges

A little Introduction To Our Laser Engraving Capabilities Our laser engraving and laser cutting machine has been used frequently over the past year. We’ve finally started to promote this service towards our clients. After years of practicing and tinkering with the equipment and using it for prototyping and fabrication, we figured it was time to

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Making the BeerNStein™

The idea of a beer stein tumbler was first conceived in the fall of 2012 while the Brew2Go™ product was being developed. It was in the cards for the Brew2Go™ to be released to market first. The very first 3D concept rendering of the BeerNStein™ (below) was printed out and taped to my office wall, where it would

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NEW: Universal Lids – One size fits all!

We’re launching a bunch of new products next week that has one thing in common – they all use our new universal lid. This lid was originally designed for our large BeerNStein product that launched this summer. By redesigning the silicone gasket, we’ve achieved snug closures on other products such as a stainless steel vacuum

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Monogramming: Drink-ware Decoration Available Soon!

UPDATE:  Monogramming now available!! Perhaps the most common questions we’ve received during the last year from our valued customer is – “Do you offer decoration or monogramming?”. We’re now extremely excited to announce our upcoming monogramming feature which will be available at sometime this month. We will offer a wide variety of differently themed

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Vino2Go XL – More Wine In Your Favorite Glass

You asked for a larger wine tumbler and now you can get it! The VinoGo XL takes all of the positive qualities of the Vino2Go (BPA-Free, SAN acrylic, double walled with a lid) and expands them. This new version holds 50% more wine than the original Vino2Go – a whole 12oz = half a wine bottle! 

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Give Mom A Gift She Will Remember!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Enter VINO2MOM coupon code to receive a 15% discount. Offer expires May 13th, 2013.

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Hide Your Ugly Cable Piles With Cablox!

Cablox: The Art Of Cable Management Cablox is a grid of small rubber pegs that organizes your cables any way you want that comes in a boxed 2-pack. Not only can you make those unsightly ugly cable piles go bye bye, you can also route them in different directions giving your keyboard and mouse cable just enough

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Where Do You Vino? – In The Shower

Greetings Wine Lover, It might sound a bit scandalous but wine drinking in the shower is a perfectly legitimate activity. (Hey, if beer people do it, why can’t wine?) Brittany Garner explains – “Shower wine easily atop my favorite things list. Right below cheese and slightly overweight wiener dogs. So here’s how I do Shower wine

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What is the Harlem Shake? (+ The Product Farm Vino2Go Edition)

What is the Harlem Shake? The Harlem Shake is 30 second dance meme, the latest viral video phenomenon that has taken off across the US and world. Some consider it a stake in the heart of the wildly popular Gangam Style which hit 1 billion YouTube views in 2012. The Harlem Shake began in Harlem, New York

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24-hour Life Clock

  Life-Clock is designed to help people visualize and make the most of their time. This 24-hour wall clock helps you prioritize and organize your day for increased productivity and balance for the tasks and activities most important to you.   The wall clock is easy to use and accessible, it is even helpful for kids

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