We would like to thank everyone who participated in this summers “Drink Lovers Photo Contest”. We can’t be happier about the turnout with images submitted from all around the world – it’s great to see our products being used in such diverse scenarios, climates and landscapes.



Vineyards of Northern Italy – Submitted by Tiffany

Tiffany knows how to get her picture shared via her social networks and WOW – we’re very impressed – 696 Facebook likes, 55 Pins and 19 Tweets! Tiffany won our most valuable reward – $150 coupon code to our store.

Vineyards of Northern Italy

“My Vino2Go made it all the way to the Vineyards of Northern Italy! I am standing near the foot of the Dolomite mountain range (You can somewhat see it in the background) in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Drinking wine is widely accepted here, whether it be 9 am or 9pm, having my handy Vino2Go allows me to drink whenever and wherever I want to while in Italy! What a perfect cup to have in wine country!!


Responsible Beachgoers – Submitted by Kevin

We love Kevin’s picture for many reasons:  It depicts a great place to use a Vino2Go – the beach. It’s a beautiful setting of undisturbed sand after the rain (did you notice that?). The horizon sunset is incredible with gradient shades of blue, green and orange. No one can deny the beauty of this shot. Thank you Kevin, you’ve won 6 new drink-ware products from our store.

Responsible Beachgoers

“We love to use Vino2Go on the beach, where we try to be responsible beachgoers, because glass is not permitted. It also helps to keep the wine properly chilled while enjoying the sunset.”


Kayaking in Coastal Mountains, Canada – Submitted by Kathy

Besides winning 4 products from our store, Kathy get’s our A+ for effort! Kayaking in pretty blue Canadian ocean water is tough! Great shot Kathy!

Kayaking in the Coastal Mountains, Canada


“Few things are more rewarding than a day spent sea kayaking with the mountains and glaciers of the Coastal Mountains as a back drop. The Vino2Go helps celebrate the end of another great day of paddling, ”cheers” to the seals, eagles and herons…!”



 Vino2Go around my puppy Olive – Submitted by Stephanie

A wagging dog tail can ruin your carpet in an instant, however it sounds like Stephanie & Olive have eliminated this problem from their lives. Thanks Olive for being such a good pup in this shot! Stephanie wins 2 products of her choice from our store.

Vino2Go around my puppy Olive

“I use my Vino2Go around my puppy Olive because she likes to drink out of our glasses and/or tip them over.”