Eggcrate pattern + Ashtray = Form + Function.  While the undulating peaks and valleys lend a unique, yet familiar appearance, it primarily serves to safely extinguish the smoldering cherry of a cigarette. The convoluted interior surface is scaled to that of a cigarette so that when a butt is pushed into the ashtray, the cherry is suffocated as it gets pressed into a depression.  No more lingering burning cherries.

 Extinguishing Ashtray

Once satisfied with the design, we proceeded to order a 3D printed prototype from Shapeways.

Shapeways Prototype-New

Since the intention was to send the prototype to a Swedish sand caster Håkan Perman,  we created a US/Sweden brand emboss at the bottom of the ashtray.


A couple of weeks later, the  cast iron Lights Out Ashtray arrived back in the US for it’s first photo shoot (above).