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3D illustrated visuals are a great way to add dimension to an idea or design that is still on the drawing board. You have a chance to preview and experience your vision before a major investment is made to produce the reality. Alternatively, graphics can make visual that which is invisible or hard to conceive. We convert your product ideas, logo’s and concept into 3D models and apply suitable material textures to get the feel and look you want.

We can either create from scratch, or use your blueprints or drawings as reference materials. We could work with any type of reference material – saved JPG’s off the internet or cut out pictures out of magazines. Once we’ve built the models in our 3D program, we can easily change out elements, adjust colors and textures to refine your vision. Your clients will be impressed and grateful.

Adding Logos to Golf Balls

The assignment was to put the Scandinavian Masters logos on the golf balls in a realistic way. I got the right perspective by adding the logos to spheres in 3D MAX. The next step was to make the imprint follow the indention in the golf ball - in Photoshop.

Hyundai 3D logo

Custom in-house 3D model of the Hyundai logo - textured and rendered in Maxwell Render.

Electrical Shaver – Machine Art

Photo realistic 3D renderings of electrical shaver concepts by Machine Art

Electrical Shaver – Machine Art

Photo realistic 3D renderings of electrical shaver concepts by Machine Art

Hemglass – Various Ice Cream Renderings 00′

Client: Collaborate/Hemglass More 3D renderings: Hygglo (my first one), the Summer Mix promotional straw, Doglass dog ice cream.

Lexel – The Thinking House

Lexel - The Thinking House 00' - Client: Lexel/Havet. The agency's art director at Havet in Stockholm had a good idea of what he wanted. He gave me a good sketch to go from - a sky scraper in the shape of a head. The AD thought the sketch was to round and also requested the building head to be viewed in another angle. The final result was used as a cover page on a external usage marketing brochure.

Hemglass – Dubbel Nougat

Client: Collaborate/Hemglass It was hard to get the lighting and texture right when taking a photo of the ice cream. So I built it in 3D MAX. The final ice cream is used in printed Swedish advertising monthly.

Hemglass Poppis 00′

Client: Collaborate/Hemglass The original ice cream was made for The Simpsons. When this ice cream trend hit Sweden, they had to change it due to copyright issues.

Wax Stamp 09′

Client: Dream Dress for Less 3D rendering of a custom designed wax stamp used for their website.

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