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Brew2Go – Tinted Brown & Green

They say a monk first took beer on a picnic in a wine bottle, forgot about it and discovered it much later. To his surprise, the dark tinted bottle kept the beer very fresh, more so than any other storage method. Green beer bottles can be dated back to at least 1850 and they stayed green until the 1930's, when it was discovered that brown bottles filtered out some light that prevented the beer from going "skunky." It's not called "skunky" because it smells bad, it's called that because if you expose beer to light for long enough, it will actually smell like a skunk. Chemists at the University of North Carolina and Ghent University in Belgium found that sunlight breaks down alpha acids in hops that react with sulfur to make a chemical that is nearly identical to the smelly chemical that skunks spray. Enough of the history lesson  The tinted Brew2Go's is now available in our online store - http://bit.ly/1bfwhWr Don't forget to apply our fall 10% coupon code "FALLTENOFF" for a 10% discount. Bulk discounts available on all Vino2Go and Brew2Go products.

Pocket-size Alleva-Wave ICES Technology

The new Alleva-Wave is an alternative solution to conventional medicine in the healing of bone and soft tissue injuries, according to Dr. Robert Dennis, PHD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and founder of Micro-Pulse, LLC. Designed by Fredrik Perman @ The Product Farm.

Laser engraved oak VinoCaddy

Another shot at the laser engraved step and repeat pattern on an oak VinoCaddy for two glasses of wine. Shop at: http://store.theproductfarm.com/

Laser engraved step and repeat pattern on VinoCaddy

Step and repeat patterns can look really cool laser engraved into any wooden product. We think this oak VinoCaddy got a spiffy uplift for those who are looking for something a little bit different.

VinoCaddy for 4 wine glasses | Bamboo

DESIGNED AND MADE IN NORTH CAROLINA USA! Our newest VinoCaddy design holds 4 wine glasses. Designed and hand-crafted by local designer Daniel Hilgenberg, it's the perfect way to carry four wine glasses and a bottle. It's also a great presentation piece! It's made of Bamboo - a FSC 100% Certified sustainable product. It's glued using a formaldehyde-free, soy-based adhesive system (results supported by California Section 01350 testing).

VinoCaddy for 4 wine glasses – Domestic up-cycled chestnut

DESIGNED AND MADE IN NORTH CAROLINA USA! Our newest VinoCaddy design holds 4 wine glasses. Designed and hand-crafted by local designer Daniel Hilgenberg, it's the perfect way to carry four wine glasses and a bottle. It's also a great presentation piece! This special limited edition is made of up-cycled domestic wormy chestnut (now extinct!), salvaged from Jackson Hall, UNC Chapel Hill in 2007. Limited Supply!

Candy Plumbing Packaging Toy

This brings back good ol' memories. We had some fun with candy dispensers back in the day and ended up producing a bunch of things for Nestle's "Sugar Division" (and we got to travel to sunny L.A!). This concept was not produced, however we still like it. The idea was that you could collect a bunch of candy packaging tubes over time an build structures out of them. Sweet reusable toy idea!

Weekly (7) Pill Case

This weekly pill case (above) was designed and developed for patients with once a day medication needs. The pill compartments are accessed by rotating the top lid like a dial.

Dual Cavity Pill Case with Timer

Above pill case features a programmable alarm built into the cover to remind you to take your meds. To access the medicine, simply push the release button on the underside and slide the case out. The living hinge of the lids are specifically placed to negate accidental openings.

Pill Case with Timer

This version pill case with timer also offers an internal collapsible pill cup. Simply makes the daily medication more convenient.

Collapsible Cup with Pill Case

Rather than the collapsible water cup fitting inside the pill case, this design snaps the pill dispenser into the collapsed cup. More water volume = easier pill administration.

Pill Organizer with Patch Dispenser

In mild to moderate Alzheimer patients, a new medication offers treatment via a adhesive skin patch along with twice daily pill consumption. That’s why this pill dispenser tray design was visualized and considered.

Pill packaging for a female audience

These pill dispenser designs were crafted to suit a female audience. The outlook was that many standard pill dispensers are plain and boring. Although we always aim to prove them wrong, in general we do agree with that statement.

Key-chain Pill Case

If you need to fit a few more pills in your daily pill case, this fun design might work better for you. Noticeable and vibrant - a good reminder to medicate on time.

Interactive Anatomical Display

Anatomical models on base have sound activated sensory points. Press the dots on model, and the display will relate a audio message.

Nestle Treasures – Chocolate Chest

Working with Nestle's sugar division had it's benefits - we had to have samples on hand of every one of their candy brands! It's also incredibly fun to work on candy packaging options. This Nestle Treasures chest mimics the shape of the famous chocolate. This is rendered as a plastic special edition chocolate chest with a four color UV-laminated belly band.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Magnetic Coffee Measuring Spoon - Measure the perfect cup of Joe and conveniently store this measuring spoon on your refrigerator in between caffeine intake.

Cereal To Go

Cereal Lunch Kit - Here's another concept rendering in the initial stages of development.

P.I.N.K. Glowing Shot Glasses

The objective was to design a glow in the dark shot glass for P.I.N.K Vodka. Simply snap a shorter glow stick around the bottom edge of the shot glass and let it glow for 8 hours.


Client: Freestyle Marketing. Ice bucket is designed to glow from the inside. Two layers of ABS plastic - black outer and clear inner. Designed to promote the NY based P.I.N.K Vodka.

Dos Equis Medallion Necklace Bottle Opener

Cinco De Mayo Promotional Beer Bottle Opener - Promotional product to promote a famous beer company for a special Cinco De Mayo celebration - a traditionally styled wooden necklace medallion with bottle opener.

Dunkin’ Donuts Mugs

Retro Coffee Mug Designs for our favorite cup of Joe!


Concept rendering of insulated carafe in three different materials.

Heineken Coaster Designs

Fortune Cookie Beverage Coasters - Design with promotional messaging in mind. Promotional code revealed after "opening" the coaster similarly to a fortune cookie.

Light Up Drink Glasses

Similarly designed as our glowing shot glasses, the drink glasses is illuminated by three assembled glow sticks and snapped to the bottom of the drink vessel. Light up effect lasts for 8 hours.


Client: Änglamark 3D illustrations of various packaging concepts for the Swedish food brand.

Create Your Own Pen Holder

Universal pen/pencil cup for your desk. As you push the pens into the grassy interior, the plastic grass strands will make way for pretty much any sized pens.

Doggy Bag Holder with Flashlight

This is our design rendition of a doggy bag roll dispenser with LED flashlight to be attached to the pet owners leach and used while walking dogs (and doing the responsible thing) at night.

Suction Cup Desk Set

Prototype images of a designed suction cup desk set - including a calculator with stand, pencil cup and paper clip dispenser.

Pawfect Suds Dog Soap

Custom soap mold design for the new Pawfect Suds dog soaps.

Fold-able Desk Clock Pencil Holder

This unique pencil cup design with analog clock face is designed to ship flat while unfolded - two ball joint hinges makes for very versatile usability.

Tape Dispenser

Client: The Product Farm/Tera Enterprises. The request was to design a tape dispenser that could also host two sets of tape flags. While most tape dispensers are bulky and weighted with sand/concrete - my idea was to make this one out of frosted acrylic or similar solid material. It could ship flat to save freight volume/cost.

Skittles Sorter

Concept 3D rendering of a Skittles candy dispenser. I designed this for Mars Incorporated (makers of Skittles, Snickers etc) in June, 2003. I recently have been going through 1000's of concept renderings from the last decade and picked out a few to showcase. Let me know what you think.

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