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The Product Farm is your creative innovation partner when designing, developing and marketing a new product. We bring ideas to life! If you’re out of ideas – we’ve got plenty to go around for everyone. Created and led by Fredrik Perman, The Product Farm represents a collaborating bunch of talents in various creative and technological fields. While our headquarters is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, our collaborators are spread thousands of miles apart.

Our Game Plan

The Product Farm strives to always exceed expectations and to push the limits of what’s possible. We love to work on products that do not yet exist and the excitement of experimentation and gained knowledge while making a great product.

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Pint Glass Lids - fits any standard pint glass
BRING A DRINK LID! | Be safe, avoid spiked drinks and reduce spills

We’re launching a bunch of new products next week that has

Standardized Lids - One lid fits several of our products
NEW: Standardized Universal Lids – One size fits all!

We’re launching a bunch of new products next week that has


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