It’s time to open up the archives and present some pill organizer designs we’ve worked on over the years. With such a wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs on the market at different medication durations, a vast variations of pill containers are needed to assist patients.

pill organizerpill container, or pill box is a special box for storing scheduled doses of one’s medications. Pill organizers are usually made with compartments for each day of the week. Sometimes have sections for different times of the day. Pill organizers are viewed as a way to prevent or reduce medication errors on the part of the patient.

Weekly Pill Case

This weekly pill case (above) was designed and developed for patients with once a day medication needs. The pill compartments are accessed by rotating the top lid like a dial.

Twice Daily Timer Pill Case

Above pill case features a programmable alarm built into the cover to remind you to take your meds.  To access the medicine, simply push the release button on the underside and slide the case out.  The living hinge of the lids are specifically placed to negate accidental openings.

Barrel Plunger Pill Case

This pen and gun barrel inspired pill dispenser opens by pushing the blue barrel. Spring loaded mechanism safely seals the chamber shut, which is capable of storing 4-8 pills or capsules – depending on size. Fits well in pant pockets and convenient to bring around.

8X a day Pill Case

Unfortunately, sometimes medications needs to be administrated every 3 hours. That’s 8 times a day, which is why I was asked to design a suiting pill vehicle that conveniently would be refilled once daily.

Pill Case with Timer

This version pill case with timer also offers an internal collapsible pill cup. Simply makes the daily medication more convenient.

Collapsible Water Cup with Pill Dispenser

Rather than the collapsible water cup fitting inside the pill case, this design snaps the pill dispenser into the collapsed cup. More water volume = easier pill administration.

Pill & Patch Pal

In mild to moderate Alzheimer patients, a new medication offers treatment via a adhesive skin patch along with twice daily pill consumption. That’s why this pill dispenser tray design was visualized and considered.

Elegant Pill Cases

These pill dispenser designs were crafted to suit a female audience. The outlook was that many standard pill dispensers are plain and boring. Although I always aim to prove them wrong, in general I do agree with that statement.

The Single Pill Dispenser

If you only need that one pill at lunch time, then perhaps this cylindrical key chain pill dispenser is something for you or your patients. Barely noticeable, but there for you when you’re down for the count.

Keychain Pill Case

If you need to fit a few more pills in your daily pill case, this fun design might work better for you. Noticeable and vibrant – a good reminder to medicate on time.