A little Introduction To Our Laser Engraving Capabilities

Our laser engraving and laser cutting machine has been used frequently over the past year. We’ve finally started to promote this service towards our clients. After years of practicing and tinkering with the equipment and using it for prototyping and fabrication, we figured it was time to take it a step further. Laser cutting is obviously nothing new. However, we feel like we’ve mastered our techniques. With exceptional sourcing of materials and design knowledge, what we offer is a few steps above what’s out there today.

We take orders for all kinds of laser cut products or projects. Sometimes we deliver a complete product, while other times we’re only a part of the complete production. An example of the later scenarios is when we’re working with an advertising agency. They provide let’s say our laser cut book covers to a book bindery, where it’s then fused into a final product. Other times we create the product idea from scratch and deliver a final product to our client or end recipient.

Please contact us for any laser cutting or engraving needs via our contact form or call us at (908) 405-6180.

Laser Cut & Engraved Name Badges on a Lanyard

The finished product – a laser cut and engraved name badge on lanyard. Ideal for conventions or corporate events. Also – a very green, made in the USA product.

Laser Cutting - Process of engraving

Process of laser cutting and engraving wooden drink coasters.

Laser art - Paul Friedrich

Experimenting with different styles of Paul Friedrich’s artwork – a great Raleigh artist.

Laser Engraving - on leather

Laser engraving sample on leather.

VinoCaddy - Laser Engraved artwork for Yellow Tail

Branded artwork laser engraved onto our VinoCaddy product for a famous wine brand.

Laser made - Wall Art

A different method of laser engraving, where we start by painting the object, then laser etching away the negative space (anything that is white in the artwork) and leaving the black paint where the artwork should be black.

Laser Cut Wooden Drink Coaster

Laser cut and engraved wooden drink-coaster – 1/4″ thick. Option of double sided engraving or adding a laser of cork to the bottom.