Meet the BeerNStein!



Introducing the 24oz BeerNStein™!


After two years of drink-ware product experience with the acclaimed Vino2Go and Brew2Go products – we are excited to tell you that The Product Farm’s quest in bringing you the best insulated drink-ware intended for alcoholic beverages is not over by a long shot! We’ve stayed very busy this year designing and developing new items for our 2014 product line up. After careful reviews of functional prototypes, new materials and refined methods of higher quality production – we now have 7 new pending patents of products we plan to release over the course of the next 12-24 months.

One of the first new products that will be available this summer is the BeerNStein™ – a 24oz capacity insulated beer tumbler inspired by the classic German-style beer stein. That’s right – 2 beers = 1 BeerNStein – making it convenient to fill up and bring for a relaxing time at the pool.

BeerNStein - With and without lid

Although the BeerNStein can be enjoyed with or without the lid – each BeerNStein™ includes an accompanying ABS lid with rubber gasket.

BeerNStein - Group Image

The BeerNStein™ will launch in 6 optional product colors: 1) Black, 2) Red, 3) Blue, 4) Green, 5) Tinted Black and 6) Tinted Pink. More color options are planned in the future.

BeerNStein - Laying Down

The authentic design of the handle was important to us. We wanted the feel of a real beer stein and opted for a sturdy, solid plastic handle to give our product some weight.

BeerNStein - View of bottom

An authentic stein glass usually have a “star-ridge” pattern incorporated into the very bottom of the glass. We wanted this detail to be prominent in the BeerNStein™ design, yet incorporated into the internal bottom of the insulation chamber – allowing us to still utilize the exterior bottom for product branding, care instructions, intellectual property and material safety statements.

Two beers = One BeerNStein

If filled to the rim – the BeerNStein™ has a two beer capacity = 24 oz. Since foam tend to rise while beers are poured, it’s recommended you let the foam settle and/or take a sip before putting the lid on the BeerNStein™ – especially since our new lid design goes deeper into the interior of the unit than previous drink-ware items.

BeerNStein - New lid design

We are very happy with our new lid design – which we intend to transition to be used with all of our drink-ware going forward. Rather than being force fit to the exterior of our tumblers (Vino2Go and Brew2Go), the new lid has a rubber gasket that creates a leak free seal with the interior of the tumbler body. This makes the new lid easier to take off with less stress forces on the drink-ware.

BeerNStein - New lid design

We have also increased the size of the sippy hole tab opening – allowing the user to chug the beer down faster – if desired. The ventilation hole is now hidden underneath the slider – to further prevent spillage and make the design cleaner looking. Last but not least –  the overall material quality of the ABS plastic lid is much improved.

BeerNStein - refraction in ridges

One of the coolest elements of the BeerNStein™ is the internal star ridge pattern as shown above. The ridges are visually enhanced by naturally occurring rays of concentrated light refraction’s.

The BeerNStein will become available first week of June, 2014.

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