The band Cherry was in need of a new design to represent their band. Ann Johnson, lead singer, came to The Product Farm with good direction of what she wanted – the name “Cherry” in the shape of a cherry.

Initial stage – we found a cherry picture of which silhouette worked perfectly with our theme. I started to sketch out a few different ways of how to shape the word “cherry” into the shape of the fruit. The client preferred option 2.

In the next stage of the development, I wanted to redraw and slightly reshape the letters to better surround the cherry shape. I wanted them to add a slight three dimensional feel of surrounding the oval shape of a cherry. Final logo on black background.

I added faint highlighting to the final logo to give it a little bit more fresh cherry feeling. This is the final logo and was approved by Cherry.

Cherry logo on T-shirts

Local Raleigh promotional products agency Brandfuel, Inc. were brought onboard to supply a good quality T-Shirt in various colors for distribution to fans through online retail and at shows. It was a great project to work on and I look forward to Cherry’s next performance in their new attire.