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[box type=success]checkSuccess! Your photo has been received! Please see the next steps below. [/box]

[headline margin=”margin”]What’s Next?[/headline]

[column width=”1/3″ place=”first” ] [feature color=”blue” title=”Photo Processing” icon=”ico-computer-process”]We are now currently processing your photo submission. This is to ensure your photo meets the requirements for the contest.[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”none” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Submission + Email” icon=”ico-picture”]If your photo meets the requirements, we will add it to the Photo Contest Gallery. We will also send you an email with your submission![/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”last” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Start Sharing!” icon=”ico-thumbs-up”]Share your photo with your friends! The photos with the most social shares from the Gallery are eligible for the $150 gift card prize![/feature] [/column]


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