Tag: 3D artist

Daniel Uppling: Zbrush Exercise
November 12, 2010

  One of the perks of working with The Product Farm is that we have a handful of talented collaborators working with us : Designers, 3D Artists, Sculptors, Animators, Illustrators and Programmers - throw a challenge at us and we have the talent to handle the job. Daniel Uppling is a former class mate of mine from Tumba Graphics Centre, 20 minutes south of Stockholm, Sweden. We've shared a whole lot of excitement about 3D graphics and art and...

Awesome and realistic 3D Physics Engine
July 22, 2010

A physics engine is computer 3D software that provides an approximate simulation of certain simple physical systems. This video shows one of the most realistic engines I've ever seen. It's called Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 and was created by Thiago Costa and essentially simulates real-life physics in a completely realistic way. This demo shows a piece of charcoal breaking and spreading as it hits the...