Tag: 3d printing

Lights Out Ashtray
July 3, 2012

Eggcrate pattern + Ashtray = Form + Function.  While the undulating peaks and valleys lend a unique, yet familiar appearance, it primarily serves to safely extinguish the smoldering cherry of a cigarette. The convoluted interior surface is scaled to that of a cigarette so that when a butt is pushed into the ashtray, the cherry is suffocated as it gets pressed into a depression.  No more lingering burning cherries.   Once satisfied with the...

The Maker Movement : Soon a Industrial Revolution?
May 4, 2011

Home workshop projects used to start with a jigsaw, some screws and a big bottle of glue. But during the last year or two, we've seen an incredible new development described as the "Maker Movement". Do it yourself has gone digital and projects now begin as bits that are transformed into atoms. Almost every Industrial Designers these days use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software during the development of their products or designs. Once the...

Printing a human kidney: Anthony Atala
May 4, 2011

Surgeon Anthony Atala demonstrates an early-stage experiment that could someday solve the organ-donor problem: a 3D printer that uses living cells to output a transplantable kidney. Using similar technology, Dr. Atala’s young patient Luke Massella received an engineered bladder 10 years ago; we meet him onstage. (Recorded at TED2011, March 2011, in Long Beach, California. Duration:...