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Vino2Go XL - More Wine In Your Favorite Glass
May 20, 2013

You asked for a larger wine tumbler and now you can get it! The VinoGo XL takes all of the positive qualities of the Vino2Go (BPA-Free, SAN acrylic, double walled with a lid) and expands them. This new version holds 50% more wine than the original Vino2Go - a whole 12oz = half a wine bottle!  The Vino2Go XL will not sweat, leaving your drinkware condensation-free. The SAN acrylic material eliminates glass breakage and the sippy lid keeps dirt and...

Minutebot Lays Foundation For LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Creations
March 7, 2013

  What is the Minutebot Base Plate? The MinuteBot is a thick, robust base plate that can be used in combination with LEGO MINDSTORMS® and LEGO TECHNIC® construction components.  Prior to the MinuteBot Base one would have to string together hundreds of smaller LEGO pieces, a process which is not only expensive but tedious. The main purpose (although there can be many uses) is to be used as foundation for mechanical education and learning,...

The Wine Sippy Cup! (Party Pink & Business Black)
September 7, 2012

Closer Look: Party Pink Let's face it, Vino2Go | Party Pink is one of the colors you wanted, but could not get. Well, now you can! It's hot and ready for a good ol' time. Drink responsibly though, excessive consumption has been linked with visions of parading pink elephants - just ask our friend Dumbo. Closer Look: Business Black Vino2Go | Business Black is a must for classy business professionals.  Business black makes you look...