Tag: candy

Chocolate Treasures Gift Packaging
April 22, 2011

This item was concepted, rendered and modeled in 2005. A plastic container that mimics the treasure chest shape of the chocolate treat itself. Rendered in 3ds Max with Splutterfish Brazil. This packaging concept went into production, although the final version was a laminated 4-color cardboard box and not plastic per the...

Skittles Candy Sorter
April 1, 2011

Concept 3D rendering of a Skittles candy dispenser. I designed this for Mars Incorporated (makers of Skittles, Snickers etc) in June, 2003. I can't tell a green gummy bear from a red one - I just chow a bunch in my mouth and enjoy as a whole. This is more for those delicate taste buds out there who likes to enjoy one at a time... Aren't green Skittles suppose to improve womens sex drive? Or was that green M&M's? Since Mars Inc. makes both I...