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Candy Plumbing
April 1, 2011

This brings back good ol' memories! Back in the day, we had a lot of fun with candy dispensers and ended up producing a bunch of fun and colorful things. This SweetTarts candy plumbing dispenser was pitched to Nestle's "Sugar Division" in 2005. The idea was that you could collect a bunch of tubes an build structures out of them. Sweet and...

Skittles Candy Sorter
April 1, 2011

Concept 3D rendering of a Skittles candy dispenser. I designed this for Mars Incorporated (makers of Skittles, Snickers etc) in June, 2003. I can't tell a green gummy bear from a red one - I just chow a bunch in my mouth and enjoy as a whole. This is more for those delicate taste buds out there who likes to enjoy one at a time... Aren't green Skittles suppose to improve womens sex drive? Or was that green M&M's? Since Mars Inc. makes both I...

Dispensing the Remedy
November 16, 2010

Unlike some of us, who enjoy a bit of over self medication, most people take the recommended dosage of cough syrup.  Especially when it comes to giving our little ones drugs.  This unique childrens cough syrup bottle was designed to do just that.  The user simply twists the base to unlock, fits the provided syrup cup onto the nozzle, turns over and pushes down on a counter to drop the cup while a predetermined volume of medicine is dispensed via...