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The Wine Sippy Cup! (Party Pink & Business Black)
September 7, 2012

Closer Look: Party Pink Let's face it, Vino2Go | Party Pink is one of the colors you wanted, but could not get. Well, now you can! It's hot and ready for a good ol' time. Drink responsibly though, excessive consumption has been linked with visions of parading pink elephants - just ask our friend Dumbo. Closer Look: Business Black Vino2Go | Business Black is a must for classy business professionals.  Business black makes you look...

Vino2Go, The Wine Sippy Cup - Available Now!
July 3, 2012

The Vino2Go tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true.  With the Vino2Go tumbler, you practically eliminate the nightmare of spilled wine.  This BPA-free, spill-proof durable drinkware has a familiar wine glass shape making it a convenient and easy to use product.  Whether you are at the beach, tailgate event, or other fast-paced adventure, the Vino2Go is your all-in-one portable drinking solution. You get your...