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How to Export Email Addresses from Facebook
July 31, 2010

Facebook APIs don’t expose email addresses of users and hence none of the Facebook apps can provide you with the actual contact data of your friends. There’s however a simple (and perfectly legal) workaround that can help you easily download all your friends email addresses from Facebook’s walled garden. The trick, as you can see in the video, is actually quite simple. Go to address.yahoo.com and click the Facebook icon. A login dialog should...

Please visit our Facebook page!
March 3, 2010

As my first post on The Product Farm's new website, I wanted to take the opportunity to promote our Facebook page. It's been up for a fairly long time now. Before I created the page I was pondering if it was worth it or not, but decided to go for it after I actually received my first contract lead though the famous social networking site. It took a few hours to pull everything together, adding content and image galleries and so on. It didn't take...