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LED Safety Glasses
June 26, 2012

These Briteman Safety Glasses are durable, sleek, comfortable and easy to use. The ultra bright built-in LED lights provide visability in low lighted work areas such as under a car, in utility closets or even night biking. The high impact polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistent, anti-fog and UV protection coating creating a resilient durable long lasting product life. Cost: $2.62 at MOQ: 5000 units. FOB Port: Ningbo, China INQUIRE...

Wind Powered Lantern
July 28, 2010

Being born and raised in Sweden (one of the most northern countries in Europe) our summer days are very long and sometimes everlasting. They call Sweden "The Land of the Midnight Sun" and certain parts of Sweden never see darkness during the summer. But that does not mean we get a lot of sun. Fluffy blankets of ever-lasting clouds often covers the country, making solar technologies less efficient. Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean in the east and...

PC World : Wall Mounted Renderfarm
July 19, 2010

Kevin Hall, Dvice: The ultimate PC case mod: 6 powerful PCs in one glorious case The first thing I did when I saw this setup was look at my own wall and see where I could fit one, too. Then I grabbed a napkin to clean up all the drool. Up above is exactly what you'd see if you walked into the lobby of designer Fredrik Perman's office in North Carolina: six powerful computers, all consolidated into one wall-mounted case. Perman, along with his...