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Chocolate Treasures Gift Packaging
April 22, 2011

This item was concepted, rendered and modeled in 2005. A plastic container that mimics the treasure chest shape of the chocolate treat itself. Rendered in 3ds Max with Splutterfish Brazil. This packaging concept went into production, although the final version was a laminated 4-color cardboard box and not plastic per the...

A decade ago: 3D Ice Cream Illustrations
November 13, 2010

I've been using 3D graphic programs professionally since 1999. As a recent graduate from School of Communication Art (now known as Living Arts College)  in Raleigh, I went back to Sweden to work for two very large production houses within the printed media industry. This gave me the opportunity to work on some great accounts. The Hemglass account was a personal favorite for many reasons. I loved ice cream as a child and knew the Hemglass ice...