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Add Any Product or Service To Your Free Online Wedding Registry
April 11, 2013

Planning your Wedding? Here's a brief DIY tutorial on how to get started with My Registry, a free online wedding registry. MyRegistry.com is a website that allows you to manage your own registry and add items from ANY store on the internet. In addition, you can sync pre-existing store registries, request cash, scan barcodes with your phone, display it on Facebook as well as creating custom personalized links. Feel free to comment below if you...

24-hour Life Clock
February 20, 2013

  Life-Clock is designed to help people visualize and make the most of their time. This 24-hour wall clock helps you prioritize and organize your day for increased productivity and balance for the tasks and activities most important to you.   The wall clock is easy to use and accessible, it is even helpful for kids who can not yet read a standard clock, but can identify with color-coded times, such as recognizing wake and sleep...