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Welcome to The Product Farm. We’ve put together this page to showcase our drink-ware products – the convenient Vino2Go™ wine sippy cup (two sizes available) and it’s beer equivalent – the Brew2Go™. Thank you for checking out our products.

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Brew2Go Use rPhoto - Noelle

NOELLE – “Honeymooning with Brew2Go”

Donna - Sunset over Gulf of Mexico

DONNA – “As residents of Minnesota seeking a beautiful, warm beach to trade for our snow-bound lifestyle, we took a mid-winter trip to Mexico Beach, Florida this year. Because we are looking to relocate permanently, we wanted to be sure to have an ”authentic” this-is-home experience in the places we’re visiting. And in our world – that includes a glass of wine in the evening. What we discovered is that the Vino2Go is the perfect solution on many levels: no more drinking wine from a plastic hotel cup (embarrassing!), no more glasses of sand-filled wine (ick!), and our Vino2Go has proven to be a conversation starter every place we’ve used it (people just can’t help asking us about it!). And an added bonus that you’ll see in the photo…it turns a single gorgeous sunset over the Gulf of Mexico into a double sunset, with a reflection on the top of my glass of wine!”

Erin - Lake St Clair

ERIN – “My Vino2Go is essential for a day on the boat! Lake St Clair can be choppy at times so my Vino2Go ensures that I don’t lose a drop.”

Vino2Go - Monogramming Initials/Letters

Just in time for the holidays: We have 6 new monogram styles available on the Vino2Go XL and we’re offering free monogramming! Choose from any of our 13 colored lids and we’ll match the monogram vinyl decal to the lid color.

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