You asked for a larger wine tumbler and now you can get it!

The VinoGo XL takes all of the positive qualities of the Vino2Go (BPA-Free, SAN acrylic, double walled with a lid) and expands them. This new version holds 50% more wine than the original Vino2Go – a whole 12oz = half a wine bottle!  The Vino2Go XL will not sweat, leaving your drinkware condensation-free. The SAN acrylic material eliminates glass breakage and the sippy lid keeps dirt and bugs out of your drinking vessel while enjoying your favourite wine outdoors.

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  • At the Beach and Pool – No more solo cups! Glass is forbidden yet you still get to drink classy.
  • As Party Favors in your Wedding – Give your wedding party something they’ll always remember (and re-use).
  • During Outdoor Adventures – Prevent dirt and bugs getting in your wine while hiking, camping or even lounging on your deck.


Vino2Go XL - Product Launch