Have you ever seen a logo or been to a website and wondered, “That’s a nice font, I wonder what one it is they’re using?” Well you need to wonder no more. WhatTheFont is a service to help you find out just that.


It’s a simple service to use too with two ways to find out what font is being used on a website or in a logo (or any other graphic come to that). You can either upload an image to the service, all the main graphics formats and files up to 2Mb are supprted, or you can point the service at a particular website.

Once you’ve done that the site will dissect the text and images and presents you with a series of images, within each one it tries to recognise a single letter, number or symbol. If it does it will automatically insert the correct character in a box underneath, but it will give you blank boxes for any images it doesn’t recognise a character in, just in case its missed one.

In the tests I put it through it proved extremely accurate, not failing to spot any letters in images and providing several excellent alternatives for the font families used, giving me a choice of which one I thought was most appropriate.

So if you want to find out what font A or B has used on X or Y, now you can as easily as uploading a single image.

Source: ghacks