Greetings Wine Lover,

It might sound a bit scandalous but wine drinking in the shower is a perfectly legitimate activity. (Hey, if beer people do it, why can’t wine?)

Brittany Garner explains – “Shower wine easily atop my favorite things list. Right below cheese and slightly overweight wiener dogs. So here’s how I do Shower wine so you may partake in this, my nightly ritual, and then share your experience with me.


1. Find a glass that won’t break, I prefer my wine sippy cup but before I owned one of these I just used a coffee to go cup. I strongly discourage using a regular, breakable wine glass in the shower. Things could get ugly.

2. Choose your favorite wine. I prefer a chilled white wine. It’s a nice contrast to a steamy, hot shower.

3. Take your Shower Wine in to the shower. And relax. Think about happy things. Like deep fried food or Adam Levine with his shirt off. I strongly suggest you set aside a good 30 minutes. You deserve it.

4. Drink up! Finish your glass and you’ll exit that shower feeling like a whole new woman (or man).

Any questions?” So there you have it, Shower Wine can now join Shower Beer as the refreshing thing you do to wind down (or wind up!).

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