Greetings Wine Lover!

Here at The Product Farm, we take great efforts to bring together design and fun. It seems that many others have that same idea as far as their lifestyle goes. Take for example, Krissy and Eric, a blissfully married couple and owners of “Our House has an anchor” blog which chronicles their life aboard a Gulfstar 54 boat (“The Sea Gem”) in Miami along with their dog, Moishe and daughter, (Commander) Helina. (You can read about the previous adventures of The Sea Gem here: http://www.seagem.com/)

In addition to living on a Boat, Krissy and Eric are avid wine drinkers and recently purchased their very own Vino2Go products. We were so impressed with not only their interesting lifestyle choices but also their creative design skills.

Here is the post in their own words:

Four, non-stackable, bulky, plastic, uni-tasking (oh, the horror), sippy cups have made their way aboard Sea Gem. But it isn’t what you think. These cups aren’t for babies, unskilled in the art of cup-wielding–they’re for the 21+ crowd:

 Wine Cups in Cockpit-low

Eric and I sold our glass stemware before moving aboard and since then, we’ve been using small juice cups for drinking wine and bourbon (independently of each other–that wasn’t a recipe for a new beverage).

The other day, while searching the Internet for something unrelated to both wine and sippy cups, I found these wine sippy cups. I ordered them immediately (heaven forbid we endure another day without owning cockpit-specific wine glasses):

Wine Sippy Cup-low

Although I ordered these cups as a novelty, they are actually very nice (as far as plastic cups go) and work well for our purposes. They fit in our cup holder, won’t break if they fall, and most importantly, the lid keeps keeps the cup’s precious contents from spilling all over the place when the boat heels.

Vino-2-Go Wine Sippy Cup-low